Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1 year!

Check out post Chiffon Photo Shoot for skirt details....

How can it be?!  Our precious girl is 12 months old.  Avery turned one on February 21st 2010.  Saturday the 20th we had a small party with immediate family and some friends. It was a fun party.  We ordered sub sandwiches from Rockies, the local deli/sandwich shop and had veggies and fruit. After lunch, Avery opened her gifts and then we had cupcakes.  As I was lighting the candle on Avery's cupcake, unexpected emotion came over me.  I couldn't even finish singing the Birthday song because I was so choked up.  It wasn't sad tears, just such happiness as I realized we've had our blessing for a whole year now. And what a blessing she is!  She is pure sunshine in my life.

Birthday Girl.
She is wearing the skirt I made her. It's made from white, pink, purple and teal ruffled chiffon.  I also made a cupcake from felt and sewed it to her onesie.


Avery and Daddy

With Auntie Alissa

 With Mimi

Cousin Joshua came all the way from Las Vegas.  He was fun to play with.


 Present time was fun.

 Daddy video taped.

Vanilla cupcakes with party icing, yum!

Flirting with friends before cupcakes.

Here I come trying to hold back the huge wave of emotion and tears.

"What's that!?"






Happy Birthday Avery!

Everyone got to take home a jar with jelly beans.  
I saved a bunch of Avery's food jars and Rod spray painted the lids for me.  I added a matching bow and yummy candies that of course matched the decor.

Avery, you are my sweet sweet girl.  You are sunshine to your Daddy and I.  Everyone that  meets you asks us if you are always so happy and easy.  Our answer is YES!  You greet us with smiles in the morning, squeeze our necks with hugs, sit through hockey games babbling loudly for the team, light up and bop/dance when music comes on and your so fun to play with and read to.  I can't believe a year has gone by.  You have grown so much in one year.  The doctor says you are taller than 9 out of 10 babies.  No official crawling or walking yet and still no teeth, but you love to eat especially breads like corn muffins or blueberry muffins. Your bedtime is around 6pm and you sleep through the night till about 6:30 the next morning.  Even at night when we lay you in your crib you giggle as we tuck your blankets around you.  Daddy and I think you have said 'light' and 'baby.'  We are still waiting for all the language that's in there to come out.  You understand lots of words like: light, nigh night, Daddy, Mommy, baba, book, baby, Mason, more,  hi and bye-bye.  On the days I work you go to daycare and we can tell that you really enjoy it.  There are other children there all around 2 years old and you just love watching them play and interact with you.  This has been such a wonderful year because of you.  I'm so excited to watch you grow and develop in this next year.  I am so thankful to the Lord for you.  Happy Birthday my sweet Avery!

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David said...

Avery is so... so precious! Joshua and I had a wonderful time and were blessed to be apart of this special occasion.

Love The Bro xxoo