Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Super Easy Tube Scarf & Another Bag

Recently it was my bestie's birthday and I really wanted to make her something.  I remembered I had started a bag but never finished it.  So I pulled it out and decided it would be a great gift.    It's the same bag pattern that I used for my cousin's bag seen here.  I didn't add pockets to the inside of the bag but it has an invisible pocket on the outside of the bag.  It's just the right size for keys and lip gloss.

 It's a pretty big bag, so my friend can use it to grab some diapers and a few toys and head over for a play-date.  I think she liked it and it turns out that she was secretly hoping I would make a bag for her!

The next project I made for her was a tube or infinity scarf.  I've seen these types of scarves in T.V. and magazines and came up with the idea in my head on how to make one.
Do you want to make one?  They are SUPER easy to make.

I bought 2 yards of jersey knit material and some matching thread.  I cut 12 inches wide by 2 yards. (I might play around with width in the future and try some a little wider.)

To make my seam I made a flat felled seam, like you would see on the side of jeans.  I thought this would look the most clean and lay the most flat.  Also, I didn't hem the long edges of the scarf because knit will not fray and I like the raw edge look of knit.   Place the cut ends together with right sides out.

*Make sure you have a needle that is for sewing knit material, they're usually called ball point.  Now sew a 5/8" seam.

Next, press the seam to one side and then cut the inside of the two seam flaps to 1/8", leaving the top flap 5/8".

 Fold the longer top flap over to encase the cut flap.  Pin the fold down and sew as close as you can to the folded edge.  I moved my needle to the right to help with accuracy. 

Here I am modeling the tube scarf.  It's fun to find different ways to wear it!
Your turn.  Make one, they are so easy and you could whip up a bunch in one day.  Send me an email with pic if you do!  Hey, these could be a great Christmas gift.... 


Rebecca said...

Great tutorial Kristie, I love that scarf! Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah Seitz said...

Super cute, Kristie!

Marina von Koenig said...

nice scarf and so easy to make - thank you for sharing!