Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pattern Challenge

I'm very excited!  I stumbled across a site called Come See the Seitz: Creative Sewing Projects by Sarah Seitz.  She is asking people to join her in a pattern challenge.  We are to make our own (attainable) goals, blog about them, then post on our finished projects.  I love it!

Here are my goals:
  1. Make all 6 Simplicity Patterns to add to my wardrobe. DUE:  2 done by April 1st, 2 more by May 1st and the last 2 by May 30th.
  2. Make a dress for Avery from the corduroy fabric that I bought before Christmas. DUE: June 30th
Since I dusted off my sewing machine, I've only been making things for Avery, my little girl or for friend's babies.  Now it's time to make myself some clothes.  I'm really excited and these goals with due dates should help me stay motivated.
Here are my patterns:


Valentine Baby

For Valentine's Day, I had to make Avery something cute.  I bought some Valentine fabric and made her blouse/dress.  I was inspired by a ruffle sleeve top found on MADE and she got it from a site called Sparkle Power which had this super easy tutorial.  I made this in under an hour.  I really like how it turned out and hopefully Avery will be able to wear it for a while since it will easily grow with her to be a top.
My Mother-in-law and I took her outside for a picnic photo-shoot.





  It was a great Valentine's Weekend.  Rod and I went on our own picnic taking Red's BBQ and some wine!  I came back to a surprise of beautiful roses and flowers.  I love my husband and little girl!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SewCute Shop

V and Co. is hosting a giveaway by Brandy from SewCute Shop.  Oh man "sew" many adorable things.  I really love the Ladies Auty top and the one for little girls. How cute would Avery and I be with matching tops?! Oh and she's got cute camera strap covers and lots of fun bobby pins.  Goodness!  There's too much to choose from.  I really hope I win the giveaway.  If I do, I win a $40 gift certificate to Brandy's shop!  Crossing fingers. . .

Avery's 1st Birthday is almost here!  I can't even believe it.  This time last year I was so impatient for my little girl to come.  Thank you Lord for such a precious, sweet and fun little girl.

I just finished her party skirt.  I love how it turned out.  Here is a sneak peak. . .