Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mini Me Jersey

My husband and I like to watch a local hockey team play.  We recently purchased jersey's for ourselves and then realized we needed one for our princess. Avery comes to some of the games and needs a jersey too.   They don't sell jerseys small enough for her so I went to the fabric store and bought some fleece and felt in the team colors.  I found a sweatshirt that fits Avery pretty good and used it to make my pattern.  Rod offered to make the patches for the jersey. We designed it to look just like my jersey.  Rod did an amazing job with the details of the front patch.  I think her jersey turned out super cute!  We went to a game last night and got many compliments on it. Oh, and I also made a fleece beanie to match. I added a bow to the front of it so there would be a girlie touch to the outfit.  I tried to design my bow like the super cute hair clips  by Dana from MADE.

Here is Avery's jersey next to mine. 
I think we did so good with the details.

She's so suspicious of the camera, once it comes out, the smile goes away.


Dress rehearsal.  Had to do some adjustments on the neck,  it turned out a little too wide. I'm still just an amateur in my sewing skills.

Here we are at the game. Fun times and lookn' cute!