Monday, October 5, 2009

Let's give this a try

Soooooo. . . . . I'm going to try this blogging thing.  I had heard about blogs but never really knew what they were or what they were for.  A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon a blog from a mom who is super creative.  I love to be creative and was so inspired by this other mom.  She is a mother of two but finds time to do all these creative projects and post tutorials on them. From there I found all these other moms who do the same and I was addicted to reading their blogs, enjoying their personal stories and inspired by their projects.   So I decided to start my own blog and use it like a diary to document my family and place to post my creative projects.

 My hot husband with his creation.  We have a fun castle block set on our coffee table and this was his first design.

Our daughter and myself