Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Lovin'

It has been a wonderful summer!  It was the first summer where Rod and I had the same summer vacation time off,  now that we are working for the same school district.  We got house projects done, visited family several times and had some fun outings.

To start off our vacation,  on July 4th Avery decided to kiss the hardwood floor during a fall from her little rocking chair.  Her nose and mouth were bleeding and it was very scary.  She had a big cut inside her upper lip so we took her to the emergency.  The doctor said they don't usually stitch this area and it should heal fine on it's own.  Here she is looking like a fighter with her swollen lip.

Smiling for her popsicle.

Avery and I did a Mommy and Me swim class with my friend Allison and her son Luke.  It was fun watching Avery learn to splash and kick and I got really good at demonstrating blowing bubbles in the water.

Our bathing beauty.

 We took a trip to Mammoth Mountain with family and friends.  We did a little hiking and some fishing.

The Rounkes
Me and Allison
Rod and Drew carrying the precious cargo.
Rainbow Falls
Judy and Tim, so cute.
Ski slopes in the summer.
View from our condo.
Good times just hanging out at the condo.

Cousin Matt reading Avery a story before bed.
This was one of our fishing spots.  It was a fun and relaxing trip.

That's just half of our summer adventures.  More to come in the next post.

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Anonymous said...

wow, sounds like you have a great summer. Avery's incident must freak you out huh? I am learning how to swim myself this summer. We'll see who will pick it up faster, me or Avery. How is the wardrobe challenge going?