Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wardrobe Contest: 1 down 9 to go

It's been a long time since posting any projects because we've been busy since school got out.  I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I decided to join a contest on PatternReview.Com   It's a wardrobe contest.  I'm required to make 10 items. . . 10 items!  Four tops, four bottoms, one topper (i.e. vest, jacket etc.) and one free item.  The contest closes on August 31st and voting will start September 2nd.  Ack!  So, I've been busy working on this and another separate project which I will post about soon.

For my first top for the contest I thought I would do an easy tunic.  Grrrrr this top frustrated me. First, the fabric had a rip in it that I had not seen in the store.  This made it difficult to cut out my pattern.  Luckily it's not too noticeable that the front is two pieces cut in two directions!   Next, I struggled with the instructions when I had to sew the neck band onto the tunic.   I tried for hours to figure out the instructions.  I finally figured it out and finished up the rest of the tunic, BUT it turned out waaaaay too big.  So it sat for weeks.  Last night I decided to take it out again and try to fix it.  I had to take in the side seams by 2 1/2 inches and the shoulder seams by 1 inch.  It fits so nice now.  I even wore it to a baby shower today.
Here is top 1 of 4:
Pleats in the front and back add some cute detail.

The contrast neck band is unique but gave me grief trying to figure out the sewing instructions.

I can dress it up or wear it casual with shorts.  My kind of top :)

Hurray for one item done.  Nine more to go (gulp).

Link to my review


Sarah Seitz said...

completely adorable!!!! i love it! where did you find that fabric?

Kristie said...

Sarah- I bought the fabric from JoAnn's. I think it was in the Red Tag apparel section. I love it & wish I had more.

Tasia said...

Oh, pretty! I love the white neckband, even though it was a pain for you to sew, it frames your face nicely :)

Kristie said...

Thank you Tasia!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, i love love the top and the fabric, what kind of fabric is that? you go gal, i can't wait to see the completed wardrobe

Suzie said...

This top is beautiful and really suits you. Really looking forward to seeing the rest of your wardrobe!