Monday, May 17, 2010

Lovely Weekend

This last weekend was so beautiful up here in our mountains.  It was a comfortable 76 degrees or so with a slight breeze.  Yesterday we took advantage of the nice weather.  First we took Mason to the dog park, where he got to enjoy the millions of different scents.  I thought to myself, "Why doesn't he want to run around with the other dogs," then I remember he's a scent hound and this IS fun for him.  After the dog park, Rod made some sun tea on the back deck and we sat out there with our iced tea and enjoyed the afternoon.

Me sitting in the shade of our umbrella, knitting and drinking some iced tea.  Perfect relaxing afternoon.

Rod enjoying an apple and tea while Mason sits and waits for his piece. 

Carefully watching that apple.

KeKe came out on the deck too.  Here she is looking before stepping out into the sun.
Avery in her sun hat.

Later, we went inside and had some Play-doh fun.

Avery's hair is finally getting long so I put in her first pony tails.  So cute!

Cool shot.  You can see her left eye in the hole of the tea pot lid.

It was a lovely weekend!

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Andersons said...

Those little piggie tails are just too dang cute!!