Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pattern Challenge: Jacket Frustrations

We have been so busy lately but I have been trying to work toward my Pattern Challenge.  I had started my Jacket awhile back and finally got a chance to really get some sewing done.  I didn't want to start anything else till I finished this project.  Well, everything was going fine till it was time to sew the back and the sides together.  I realized that something was REALLY wrong.  I think I cut some of the pattern pieces backward.  It didn't seem like there was any going back so I cut some things and just sewed to make it work.  It was also way too big, so again (yikes) I cut (ahhh) and sewed to make it work.  I've decided to stop working on it indefinitely.  I don't see how the sleeves are going to attach to the way the arm holes are now.  Once I get my dress form, it will be a lot easier to visualize and plan.  Until then, I'm moving on.

Cute pockets and pleats.

Back detail with pleats
Top of front arm hole is too narrow and how am I to attach to back and the sleeve.  Ugh!

I'll take it as a learning experience as I  teach myself to sew garments.   

Next project. . . I'm making a t-shirt to enter in Made by Rae's Spring Top Week. I found some cute fashion knit jersey on sale at Joannes.  I love this light pink striped fabric. It's so soft and sheer.  I used one of my shirts that fits me well, for a pattern template.  I made my own bias tape from the material and added some blush pink chiffon to the neck line.  For some reason this made the neck stretch out even though I was using a stretch stitch.  Since then I have redone the neck line and it's much better.  I'm going to embellish the front of tee with more chiffon.  I'm still planning out the design and taking inspiration from one of my favorite stores, LOFT.

Here are the before/in process pictures of my t-shirt:

Three-quarter length sleeve

Stretched out neck line with chiffon.  This has been ripped out and redone.  
I hope to post pictures soon of my completed t-shirt.  I'm also going to make a matching one for Avery.

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Sarah Seitz said...

The idea of sewing a jacket still scares me to death! I'm so impressed that you decided to tackle it! It is hard not to get frustrated when things go wrong! I know the feeling! But, if there's no way to salvage it, then chock it up to a learning experience! I LOVE the jersey shirt! It is adorable, can't wait to see the finished product!!