Thursday, January 28, 2010

New bag, baby!

I had a fun trip to Joannes.  I went mainly to get fabric for making Avery's birthday skirt, but I ended up getting some charcoal grey fleece to make a peacoat for her with some cute pink buttons AND  I came across some apholstry fabric that was 50% off! Love it!  The wheels were turning when I spotted a pattern that I really liked.  I decided to make a bag out of it.  I headed over to the patterns and they can be really expensive.  Luckily I found some patterns for only 2 bucks!  So I got to work right away on the bag and made it in two evenings.  Here it is. . . .
I think it turned out cute!
I used a pretty green cotton fabric for the inside. 
Nice pleats 

What do you think?

I better get started on the other projects.  I need some more snow days.

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David said...

Your work amazes me! Ke Ke got skills!!!