Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby Snow Pants

It was a snow day. . . time for a crafty project. 

Avery needs to have her first experience with snow, but she doesn’t have anything waterproof.  That got me thinking, I have some old snowboarding pants that I could cut up!  I just received some really nice “new to me” snowboarding pants from my good friend Allison.  Thanks again Allison! So I didn’t mind cutting up my old ones.

My old snowboarding pants

I used a pair of Avery's sweats for the pattern and just cut it out around the crotch so that I wouldn't have to sew that part.  I sewed it all up in about 45-60 minutes.  I pulled the elastic string out of the old pants and made and elastic waist on the new pants.

Cute little pants

They fit!  Now we have to test them in the next soft snow.
Yay!  I'm proud of my little snow pants.


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